Bike Transport

To make participating in the most enjoyable Extreme Enduro Race even more convenient the Red Bull Sea to Sky organizers offer a reliable, professional, safe as well as affordable bike transport from Central Europe to Turkey – and certainly back! We’re working with an international freight forwarder and your bikes are insured against theft and damage during that transport! In case the transport suffers the rider will be compensated according to the Romanian law and legislation!

Our route will go from the UK to Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Romania and Turkey!

We will stop in or close to the following cities to pick up your bikes: Ripon, Tewkesbury, London, Bousval, Veldhoven, Karlshof, Oberhausen, Berlin, Zschopau, Worms, Balingen, Ausburg, Grosskarolinenfeld, Karlshof, Salzburg, Seclin, Wien, Sibiu and Kemer!


  1. We will also pick up bikes in Italy (Verona & Udine), Croatia (Zagreb) and Slovenia (Ljubljana) if more than 5 bikes per country are ordered!
  2. If you are a group of 5-8 riders/motorcycles and our truck does not stop in your area please feel free to contact us at We will check if and how we can get you on Board with no or low cost!


Please check out the exact pick-up date and location per city – make sure to get your bike to the location by that date! The bikes will arrive in Kemer early enough so you can join the pre-tours!

Until 31 July, 2017 = 70 % back
1 August, 2017 – 31 August, 2017 = 50 % back,
1 September, 2017 – 25 September, 2017 = 0 % back

Make sure to book your slot ASAP as there will be limited space – so hurry up!

The prices differ depending on where you’re having your bike picked up, all prices including ATA carnet!

1. PLEASE HAVE YOUR BIKE FRAME NUMBER HANDY – including the initial registration date!
2. Check the available bike pickup location in the table below
3. Select the one closest to you in the drop-down below the table
4. Add optional items such as tires or boxes
5. Add your information
6. Select the payment method